What Happens If You Do Nothing?

- Increased stress and anxiety. This can lead to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, suicidal ideation, etc.

- Your credit score will continue to plummet. It could affect your career and your eligibility for future bank loans, credit cards, etc.

- The interest will accumulate. This will push you further and further into debt. Resulting in even more stress & anxiety

- You won't be able to enjoy life. The point of life is to enjoy ourselves and live happily. Debt destroys that.

What Are My Other Options?


- Bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy is a process where someone cannot pay back the money they owe. As a result, a lot of their assets are seized to help pay off the debts they owe. Bankruptcies can stay on your credit report for 6-7 years after being cleared. Bankruptcy may prevent you from getting certain loans, jobs, or mortgages. Bankruptcies will lower your credit score a lot.

- Consumer Proposal

It's a plan to pay back some of the debts you owe - over a period of time. For example, if you owe $50,000 - the creditors might settle with you and ask for $30,000 to be paid over 4-5 years. Similar to bankruptcy, it can lower your credit score and may prevent you from getting certain jobs, loans, or mortgages. Unlike bankruptcy, your assets won't be seized.

- Credit Counselling

This is a service that helps people manage their debts & improve their finances through budgeting and guidance. With credit counselling, sometimes the repayment plan or strategy could take years to do. You also may not be able to negotiate with your creditors on some of your debts.

*We are not licensed insolvency trustees. All information is sourced from canada.ca & bankruptcy-canada.ca . For more information on these options please talk to a licensed insolvency trustee

*We are not licensed credit counselling specialists. Please refer to a credit counselling specialist for more information on these options. All information above was sourced from creditcounsellingcanada.ca

What's The Solution?

Use the equity in your home to pay off your debts.


  • Simplify your payments. Why pay 5 different creditors at 5 different times of the month when you make 1 payment once a month?

  • Build your credit score so you can go to a bank or get better financial products in the future

  • Sleep better at night knowing that you have a plan to tackle your debt head-on.

  • Lower rate & more savings. Compared to a credit card or line of credit. You might be able to save money by puling equity out of your home to pay off debts

  • Lenders that only care about equity. We have access to lenders that are mostly focused on the equity in your home.

  • Perfect for low credit scores & no income. Retired? not working? Credit score of 450? We might be able to help you.

FAQ's & Commonly Asked Questions

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I Have No Income. Can I Still Qualify?

We have access to lenders that don't care about income. They only care about you having enough equity in your home. If you have enough equity in your home, we can help you. We can also look at taking equity out of other properties (if you have multiple or if you have friends/family with homes that can help you).

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How Long Does This Process Take?

Assuming there are no delays/hiccups and everything proceeds smoothly. We can get you your funds between 2 weeks to 4 weeks (from start to finish).

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How Much Equity Do I Need To Use Your Services?

Depends on the area. The closer we are to the GTA, the less equity you need. The further from the GTA, the more equity you need. Currently, depending on the property and other factors, we have lenders that can give equity up to 85% of the appraised value of the property. In some cases, 90%. For example, let's use 85%. You have a home in Mississauga worth $1,000,000 and a mortgage for $600,000. Based on 85% of $1,000,000 - that's $850,000. $850,000 - your mortgage ($600,000) = $250,000. Based on these numbers (without including fees), you could theoretically take out up to $250,000 extra.

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How Will This Impact My Taxes?

Unfortunately, we aren't qualified to answer this question. You may want to reach out to an accountant, bookkeeper, or other qualified tax professional for information on this.

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My Credit Score is 400. Can I Still Qualify?

Yes, you may be able to qualify despite having a credit score of 400. We have access to lenders that only care about equity in your home.

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What Are The Fees For Your Services?

Great question. The fees all depend on how much work needs to be done. The more work that needs to be done, the higher the fee. Aside from the appraisal, all other fees will be added to the mortgage. It's hard to give an estimate of fees because everyone's situation is different. Once we set up an in-person meeting, we can go over the approximate fees before you proceed.

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What Else Can I Do With The Money?

Once we get you the funds, you are free to use it for whatever you like. Whether you want to renovate your home, pay off debt, go on vacation, buy a property, it's 100% up to you.

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Will I Lose My Home If I Use Your Services?

Our goal is to help you get rid of/manage your debt without putting your house at risk. We'll be able to help you explore personalized options based on your circumstances.

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Will My Credit Score Go Down Even More?

If you qualify and we can help you, we'll aim to pay off your debts using your home's equity so your credit scores will start improving.

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*No guarantees are being made when answering these questions or any of the ad copy
*All options and personalized mortgage advice are delivered on a case-by-case basis

*We cannot guarantee that you will qualify after you fill out the form - the only way to determine that is to have a phone call with one of our experts.

What's The Process?

First Step


Fill Out The Form

Fill out the form on this page and get started. Once you fill out the form, I'll send you a text & we'll set up a quick 5-minute call.

Second Step


5 Minute Phone Call

I'll ask you a few questions & if I believe I can help you, I'll invite you to our office in Mississauga for a free in-person meeting.

Third Step


In-Person Meeting

You come to our Mississauga office and we'll go through your situation in a lot more detail. We'll also explore a few solutions.

Fourth Step


After The Meeting

After we meet, you have 2 choices: you decide to work with us or we go our separate ways.

Fifth Step


Documents + Appraisal

Once you decide to work with us, I will ask for a few documents & an appraisal. You will pay for the appraisal. The approximate cost is between $500 - $700 - all payments go directly to the appraiser. We do not control the price of the appraisal.

Sixth Step


Finding A Lender

Once we have your documents + appraisal, we will start looking for lenders that are willing to give you money.

Seventh Step


Prepare Paperwork

Once we find a suitable lender and you're ok with what they're offering, we'll prepare the documents.

Eighth Step



Once the documents are prepared, we'll send them to you & your lawyer to review before signing. If everything is good with you & your lawyer - we can close!


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